The College is asking students to take a COVID test on their first day back at college. The reason for this is that most students have mixed with other people over the summer holidays and a small number of students coming into college may have the virus but be asymptomatic, this means they show no outward signs of illness but could be spreading the virus without knowing it.  

The aim of asking most students to do a test on your first day back is to identify any positive cases as soon as possible so we can ask these students to self-isolate and stop transmission in college. 

What do I have to do? 

The way this will work is that you will attend your first lesson or tutor session and be asked to use a COVID home test kit in the classroom. The home test kits are the same as you have used at home so you should be used to them. The lecturer will show you a quick presentation which includes a video of the previous student president explaining how to take a test in case you need a reminder. Simply complete the test, put all your rubbish in the bin and leave the completed test on your desk for 30 minutes after which your lecturer will read the result. You don’t need to report the result to the Government like you have done at home.  

You can use you mobile to help you to see which areas of your throat to swab. If you feel unable to complete the test in front of your classmates, then we have set aside a room on campus with a staff member where you can go to do your test before returning to the classroom.  

Testing is voluntary but we encourage you to do the test on your first day to help protect everyone. 

What happens if I test positive? 

If you test positive a staff member will take you to a separate waiting area. We will help you to contact your parents to come and collect you. Your tutor will contact you to make sure you are OK and make sure you get work to do at home, so you miss as little course content as possible.  

Home Testing 

After you have completed your first test in college, we want you to continue to test at home twice a week with your tests spaced 3-5 days apart. This is the same as you have been doing at secondary school or last year in college. Your test results should be reported following the instructions in the testing kit leaflet. If you test positive do not come into college, ring the absence line on 0300 770 8000 and stay at home for 10 days.